Agrocheck hired me to design the brand and the promotional page to launch this new product.

I worked on the brand guidelines and styleguide (colors, typography, grid, etc.), the mockups for the promotional website (web & mobile) and finally I built the site using HTML5,CSS3 and Javascript.

I had the opportunity to work with a super professional illustrator from my city, who did the illustrations
for the site.


Personal project to get specs from Photoshop files just in minutes and without getting bored!

The need to have a free and fully operational tool that brings to us a quick way to get the specifications of the designs which serves both the designers and the developers, made me investigate in new technologies and learn about this complex format file.

The App was made with nodeJS and differents web technologies. It’s still growing and being update to get even a better tool.

With Tuizy you need just to drag&drop your psd file and start inspecting it!

Intranet Redesign

The client wanted to redesign completely the existing site for mobile devices, a fresh and modern design was needed to catch the attention from the users.

I began to work on different proposals, taking into account the need to clean the interface and highlight the content.

Intranet Mobile Portal

Mobile site for an intranet which I had designed and implemented the CSS. This site had to work on a wide
range of devices.

After reviewing the design with the client, I started to build it using technologies like HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, jQueryUI.

Drupal Portal

The continuous growth of this platform made me feel the need of investigate and learn to customize its templates and structure.
I had the chance to start a small training where I built an entire site by my own.

I started implementing the design with bootstrap and php, after a few weeks I had created my own theme for the platform with custom features.

Intranet Graphic Proposal

The client needed a graphic proposal for its new intranet, which will be used by its employees as quick reference on the different company procedures.
Several screens with different look & feel were proposed, always applying usability and design patterns suitable for the site.

Promotional Landing Page

Application based on user preferences to calculate and display various activities that can be carried out in the city.

I worked on different proposals to build a landing page that promotes the application’s launch regarding the look & feel of the application and highlighting the main features of it.

Hey! 👋 My name is Ezequiel.
I am a digital designer who is also passionate about front-end technologies and music 🎸.

Known for the enthusiasm to provide improvements to the project which I am assigned to, the willingness to acquire new knowledge and my exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills.
I have an Technical Degree in Multimedia Design but I love to keep my skills updated, so I’m continuosly learning new tecnologies and reading about latest UX/UI trends, patterns and topics.

I also have experience working with: Javascript/Jquery, CSS/LESS/SASS, ReactJS, WordPress/Drupal, among others.

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